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Say goodbye to wiry, unmanageable beards and dry itchy skin!

Made with shea butter, hemp oil, coconut oil, pure beeswax, tea tree oil and a range of essential pure oils, Bonafide Beard Balm was developed to:

  • Tame and shape your beard
  • Nourish and condition your beard
  • Treat and protect the skin underneath your beard 

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90g of all natural ingredients make this product hypoallergenic to use on both your beard as well as your skin and is paraben and chemical free. It adds strength, luster, volume and control.

Shea butter softens wiry hair and makes it more manageable, it prevents the hair from drying out and becoming brittle, it reduce flaking due to dryness and a great advantage of Shea butter is that it doesn’t leave the hair or skin greasy. It also can protect your hair from UV rays and environmental pollutants as well as protects your skin from drying out.

Hemp oil penetrates the hair shaft and becomes a good source of nutrients that benefit the health and strength of your hair as well as moisturise your skin, leaving it it soft, supple and healthy.

Beeswax helps your beard feel thicker while making it more manageable, plus stimulates hair growth.

Coconut oil nourishes your beard and skin, making it softer and healthier, which diminishes hair damage.

Tea Tree oil is a natural anti fungal and anti bacterial, leaving your skin feeling fresh, healthy and nourished underneath your beard.

Sandalwood and Almond essential oils keep your hair and skin conditioned.

The balm is subtly fragranced with beeswax, tea tree oil and sandalwood, that are not overpowering.

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